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The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (International ASET Inc.) is a young, growing and independent institution created in 2010 to serve in the matters of education involving science and engineering. Our mission is to promote the rapid dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community and in the public. The Academy also strives to aid in the advancements of science and engineering by organizing thematic conferences on modern technological themes, organizing courses and workshops on modern science and engineering topics, and publishing highly technical journals and books. By doing so, the Academy aims to enhance the body of knowledge and to distribute high-level scientific literature to its many participants. As of 2019, International ASET has relaunched its logo as seen here.

The Academy is governed and operated by a number of University Professors, Graduate Students and Industry Professionals. By collaborating with scientists, scholars, researchers, world-renowned institutions and industries, International ASET Inc. is able to grasp a unique understanding involving the requirements and modern trends of academia.

International ASET Inc.

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