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Connieslist empowers distinct online communication.


We want you to know your rights and our rights so we have prepared this agreement ("user agreement" or "agreement") between connieslist ("we", "our," "us") and you. This agreement sets the terms of your use of the connieslist website and services (connieslist) that include: messaging, mobile, connieslist facebook/twitter/youtube and all other venues.


This agreement is meant to encourage a fair and tolerant place for ideas, people, links, individual & business promotion and discussion.


  1. By using connielist services, you are legally bound and you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, you should not use

  2. Without notice and at any time, we may, for violations of this agreement or for any other reason we choose: (1) suspend your access, (2) suspend or terminate your account, and/or (3) remove any of your User Content from all connieslist services.

  3. We reserve the right to monitor connieslist, and your use of the service means you agree to such monitoring. At the same time, we do not guarantee we will monitor at all.

  4. Connieslist service is designed and supported for personal & lawful use only. You may not use our service to break the law, violate an individual's privacy, or infringe any person or entitys’ intellectual property or any other proprietary rights.

  5. Connieslist is for entertainment only, all decisions you make by use of connieslist are your own.

  6. Connieslist is not intended to be a place for sale of goods or services.

  7. We believe in the freedom of our followers. By using your connieslist account, you acknowledge and agree that all accounts and profiles are able to be followed by others; but this is not a popularity contest.

  8. Connieslist users might find advertising links, coupons, deals and other third-party content on connieslist. In addition to connieslist, member postings we might have affiliate relationships with certain parties and may receive compensation for any purchase made. Users are responsible for any decisions and purchases made a result of user content and connieslist advertising content.  Your actions are your responsibility, so be mindful.

  9. Connieslist content may be viewed by anyone. To participate in connieslist, you must create an account. Accounts can be created by either an email or using our social media plugs in, for example, Facebook or Google Plus. User may choose a "Username" which must comply with terms of use. Connieslist has the sole right to remove offensive content without notice to user.

  10. You are solely responsible for the information associated with "Your Account" and anything that happens related to "Your Account."

  11. Content on connieslist is proprietary and must not be copied, republished or otherwise distributed.

  12. Connieslist design, logo, and service mark TM are copyright protected.

  13. You retain the right to recreate your own posts pictures or videos as author.

    1. We grant you, the user, the distinct right to use connieslist logos and thumbnails to promote your posts and your user profile content published on connieslist - that is exclusive to content hosted on connieslist only - Connieslist material (TM & Copyright) can only be used when directly linking to and your user content in which you are the author and have legal right.

  14. Connieslist is not responsible for content by users in profiles, user posts, pictures or videos.

  15. Connieslist underground forum users are free to create content users want, unless users violate terms in user agreement.

  16. Moderators are volunteers who do not represent connieslist.

  17. Connieslist is for users 13 and over only. connieslist complies with all COPPA rules. To report a violation, contact us.

  18. Connieslist users agree to report any offensive or illegal content immediately.

  19. Any misstatement reported by you, the user is subject to perjury, and further penalty for falsely reporting in a malicious fashion that results in injury of connieslist and our users.

  20. Privacy is important, by using connieslist, you agree to our privacy policy, please read full privacy policy.

  21. Indemnification: You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent connielist from and against any and all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.




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