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How to Make Your Event Post Shine

How to Make Your Event Post Shine on Connieslist

Do you have a fun event coming up that you want to share with a lot of people? Connieslist is a valuable resource used by many individuals, businesses and organizations to get the word out about their event in a big way. But, how can you write a post that captures the attention of as many people as possible? I have a few tips on how to go about writing a Connieslist post that attracts a lot of guests to your event.

Make your event shine!

Create a Captivating Title

The title is the first thing people notice when browsing the posts in Connieslist. So, it makes sense to include as much vital information in the title as possible. If this is an event put on by your business, I would incorporate the name of the business into the title. If the event has a theme, be sure to work that into the title. For example, someone looking to attend a festival with plenty of wine and food will be looking for a post title with those keywords. Another effective idea is to make a hashtag and include it in the title of your post. Having a keyword hooked up with a hashtag helps to keep your event circulating in conversations on social media. I’ve found that a hashtag/keyword combination is a simple thing to create, yet very helpful in spreading the word about any type of event.

Use Visual Language

It’s worth your time to come up with language for your post that brings visual images to mind. Chilled bottles of red wine, a swirling chocolate fountain and cookies dusted with powdered sugar all bring images to mind. These visual phrases may be used to advertise an event featuring a selection of edible treats to use as gifts for various occasions. Incorporating visual language into your post is an easy way to get people thinking about your event. If possible, you want them to envision themselves attending your event and having a great time.

Use the Appearance of the Text to Your Advantage

Make your Connieslist post stand out by putting important words in bold. I suggest putting the date and time of the event in bold, so people won’t forget about it. Underline interesting elements of your event. If you’re advertising a music festival, underline the names of the musical groups who will be there. So, even if someone scans your post, they will certainly see the underlined portions and, hopefully, make the decision to checkout your event. In addition, be sure to divide your post into short, succinct paragraphs. This format allows a person to scan the high points of your event in order to decide whether to attend.

Add Colorful Photos

I believe that the photos you include with your post on Connieslist go a long way to attracting more people to your event. Plus, these photos appear in the search results which gives you an even greater chance of encouraging more people to come to your event. Take the time to make sure you post colorful, clear, exciting photos that give viewers an enticing hint of what your event is all about.

Put in Meaningful Links

When you put hyperlinks in your post, you are giving readers a fast and simple way to learn more about the details of your event. Be sure to hyperlink using keywords. For instance, if your event is a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, you may include a hyperlink to the animal shelter so potential guests can see photos of the dogs and cats they’ll be supporting.

Close on a High Note

At the end of your Connieslist post, do a quick wrap-up encapsulating the exciting details of your event. Add in some hyperlinks to the event itself as well as to social media pages where readers can ask questions, discuss it and find out more about it. If you have a website, be sure to link to it so readers can find out more about you, your business, etc. The more readers know about the event and the people behind it, the more inclined they will be to go.

What to Do During and After Your Event

After you’re finished writing your post and you put it on Connieslist you’re finished, right? Not yet. Let your attendees know they are able to follow you via Connieslist. This keeps you connected to your guests. It’s a great way to show people the highlights of the afternoon or evening.

After the event, be sure to post thank yous to all of your guests and express your appreciation for their part in the success of the event. Also, you can put up photos from the gathering which may entice some of your guests to be on the lookout for your next event.

Remember with all of the photos and posts on Connieslist, you have to go the extra mile to make your post standout from the crowd. I’ll put it this way. Think of what would grab the attention of people looking for something to do and highlight the best parts of your event so it appears to be the gathering of the year!

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