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Lawn Mowver Service
Nov 04, 2021
In Birmingham AL | Events
In order to make the task of mowing your lawn as painless as possible it is important to make sure that you choose the right lawn mower. This can be a bit of a challenge since there are so many to choose from. The key is to know what is important and what is not when you are choosing a lawn mower. Riding Mower or Push Mower The obvious advantage that a riding lawn mower has is that you don't have to push it. That means that it will take less work to get your lawn mowed and you will be able to get it done faster. If you have a big lawn or if you have physical issues that make mowing the lawn difficult this can be a good option. The downside of riding lawn mowers is that they are expensive compared to a push mower and they are not practical for smaller yards. Unless you have a yard that is an acre or more in size it is probably not worth getting a riding mower. Gas or Electric Power The advantage that a gas powered lawnmower has is that it is good for larger lawns and lawns that are uneven. It has a wider cutting area than an electric mower and it is more powerful so it can get the job done faster. It is also able to handle thick grass better than an electric mower. The downside to a gas powered mower is that it uses gas, this means that you have to have gas on hand to use it and that it produces emissions. An electric mower tends to be narrower and less powerful than a gas mower so it is better for smaller yards. Electric mowers don't really handle uneven surfaces that well so they are best for flat lawns. Being electric they do not produce emissions which is good for the environment. You can get them with either a cord or with battery power depending on your preference. Is a Manual Reel Mower a Good Idea? One other option you have for a lawn mower is the manual reel type. These are the unpowered ones that you push yourself. They offer the advantage of being environmentally friendly and very quiet, they do however require more effort. There are some people who like to use manual reel mowers so that they can get their exercise while they mow the lawn, if you have a small lawn this may be a good option. A Mulching or a Bagging Mower The next decision that you have to make when you are choosing a lawn mower is what you want to do with the clippings. You basically have two options you can bag them or you can mulch them. Bagging mowers are cheaper since they are simpler to build but they will slow you down since you will have to stop to deal with the clippings in the bag. A mulching lawn mower will cut the clippings several times so that they can be left on your lawn. How Much Horsepower do you Need? Horsepower is one of the most overrated aspects of a lawn mower so don't fall into the trap of choosing one simply because it has a lot of power. Unless you have a lawn that has a lot of hills or very thick grass there is no need for a powerful mower. Steel or Plastic One last thing to think about when you are choosing a lawn mower is what the deck is made out of, steel, plastic or aluminium. Steel is the most durable but plastic and aluminium are lighter. In general you will be better off going with steel so that you get years of use out of your lawn mower.

Lawn Mowver Service

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