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Padmakumar Pillai
May 17, 2021
In Virtual Events
Innovations in Finance and harnessing of Technology have resulted in making the term Fintech a portmanteau word. In the evolution of the BFSI sector Fintech has assumed a pivotal role; but it has also disrupted traditional order. The rise of AI and Machine learning has impacted many aspects of investment models and technologies at the same time it has disrupted some other. Applications of Alternative Data in Fintech are growing at a great pace; the question is how to discover new sources of alpha and create strategies and signals. Here the challenge is to discover hidden coupling of multiple data sources. Text analysis, Natural Language Processing and analysis of News, Micro blogs, investor sentiment are well established. Bringing all these advances together new applications in trading, fund management and risk control have continued to emerge. Today Fintech has influenced all aspects of the finance industry – banking and capital markets, asset and wealth management, insurance, and funds transfer and payments. There are three main themes for this Two-Day Online Event Theme 1: Progress in AI and ML Disrupting the Traditional Methods Progress in (i) News Analysis, (ii) Micro Blog Analysis (Filtered Twitter feed for finance), (iii) Online searches (iv) Data Analytics, Alternative Data and AI and Quant models DISRUPTIONS: Predicting the Market directions and ‘Timing the Market’ Other Topics: New directions of discovering Alpha in Low frequency Systematic Trading Opportunities and challenges of machine learning in quantitative wealth and investment management Theme 2: Progress in Derivative Products Demystifying XVA (FVA DVA CVA) for regulatory compliance Machine Learning and Derivatives Artificial Neural Networks and Derivatives Pricing Exploiting Index Futures and VIX to construct Trade Portfolios Theme 3: Impact of SRI and ESG in the Investment Industry The Rise and Rise of ESG in the domain of Finance Synthetic data generation with restricted Boltzmann machines Join us to know more! For more information, contact us at
Financial Evolution: AI, Machine Learning & Sentiment Analysis content media

Padmakumar Pillai

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