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Anthony Skarvelakis
Aug 05, 2022
In Virtual Events
On October 21, 2022, Anthony Skarvelakis will give a lecture in Paris under the name “From Cognition to AI Psychotherapy Show”. The lecture will take place at the meeting room: Be – Coworking - La Jonquière - Créatif, Design et Lumineux - Be-Coworking – Mandela - Création, Inspiration & Elégance. The room is located at 60 Rue de la Jonquière, Paris 75017. This lecture is part of the International Anthony’s Skarvelakis Lectures 2022. Anyone interested in the lectures has the opportunity to participate either in-person or virtually. For in-person and virtual attendance tickets are available through the Eventbee platform ( The themes that will be analyzed are as follows: AI Psychotherapy Cognitive Science Psychotherapy modalities Mental disorders, psychopathology, and healing Research methodology in the interdisciplinary-multidisciplinary study The duration of the lecture will be 1 hour for those that participate in person at the meeting room in Paris. Those that buy a ticket for virtual participation will watch online 40 minutes of the same lecture through Zoom. Tickets can be purchased directly from the Eventbee platform. The lecture will concentrate on the themes of the A.I Psychotherapy model; an interdisciplinary analysis on sciences and cognitive science will be conducted as well. Complete information about the subjects that will be covered can be found on the Website: The in-person participants will additionally have the opportunity to make inquiries and receive answers regards themes they are interested in. Virtual participation is possible from any country in the world and includes online 40 minutes of virtual attendance through purchasing a virtual ticket from the Eventbee platform. After the purchase the buyer will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information regarding the participation to the event. The virtual participants will additionally receive a link to join the virtual event through Zoom video platform. The lecture will be conducted in the English language; however, questions addressed in French by the in-person participants will also be answered. For informal inquiries, you can email at and
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Anthony Skarvelakis

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