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May 04, 2022
In Portland ME | Events
The Seagriculture Conference USA 2022 is the first International Seaweed Conference in the USA and targets visitors from North America. The conference takes place in Portland, Maine, one of the hotspots for Seaweed farming in the USA. The USA edition comes in addition to the European edition of Seagriculture and which takes place every year in another country in Europe and has been organized successfully since 2012. By adding Seagriculture USA to the portfolio the organizers want to make a positive impact on the seaweed industry and community. Moreover, the aim is to establish a connection between Europe and North America enabling industry professionals to learn from one another. The two-day program will go into the many different applications of seaweed that exist now and will combine plenary sessions with interactive poster presentations, trade shows and debate sessions, among others.
Seagriculture USA 2022 – 1st International Seaweed Conference USA content media


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